3 Key Factors that Boost Association Sponsorship.


Posted by Angie Jackson - 30 October, 2017


Is your association stuck in a rut with offering the same gold, silver and platinum sponsorship packages year after year? 

Sure, you have a great relationship with your loyal sponsors but you are finding it harder and harder to attract those key companies that would really elevate your association’s brand.  Those sponsors that are looking for more than a branded lanyard at your next conference or a sidebar banner in your monthly newsletter.

Gone are the days of solely depending on your membership size to sell your sponsorships.  It’s time to turn it up a notch.

Here are the 3 key factors to attract more sponsors for your assocation.

1. Membership Engagement Metrics Matter
Before getting creative about new offerings it’s important to get real about what your association has to offer. How engaged are your members with the content and communications you share?  Compiling and tracking key metrics like impressions, views and click through rates are key performance indicators (KPIs) that your sponsors will use to assess the value of their investment. 

If you notice your numbers aren’t where you expected, create a 90-day plan focused on your top 3 communication channels and set a growth target.  Then you can share the plan with potential sponsors and demonstrate the importance of member engagement in your association.


2. Millennials Make Money

The Millennial segment is one of the most important groups of influence in your membership.  According to the Intelligence Group, this generation already spends about $200 billion each year in the U.S. and it’s only going to increase as they climb the income ladder. Your potential sponsors that want to gain a boost in their brand momentum are seeking to align with associations with a strong Millennial presence.

To make sure your association is hitting the Millennial mark, share socially conscious messages where Millennials are the most - on their smartphones.  It’s important to demonstrate to your potential sponsors that you understand your younger members by creating communication channels that go beyond email, like integrating product promotions with a social cause and offering price points for their conservative budgets. 


3. Customization is Critical

The standard event sponsorship package of a booth, two registrations and prominent logo placement doesn’t have the impact it once did years ago. Companies that are willing to invest larger dollars desire full customization that will integrate with their existing marketing strategies. Think less a la carte and more gourmet recipe.

A strong sponsorship package includes dynamic tactics with audience specific insights to customize an experience that feels authentic and valuable.  For example, offering exclusive sponsorship of your association’s mobile app could demand a minimum of $20,000 a year, which includes a multitude of engagement points for the sponsor. A mobile engagement sponsorship offers your sponsor unlimited use of push notifications for time-sensitive deals, in-app banner ads for brand awareness and real-time metrics for location specific targeting. Plus, your marketing team will rejoyce at another opportunity to personally engage with your membership. 


Mobile Sponsorship is the Answer

With more than 77% of people in the US using smartphones, leveraging the mobile marketplace may be a critical determining factor for a potential sponsor. The mobile app channel addresses all of the key factors high-end sponsors consider when sponsoring an association. It also offers association brand recognition in the App Store, impressive cutting-edge technology board members desire and a one-stop communication hub for your marketing, membership and events team. 

The next time your boss asks you to get creative about sponsorships, don’t forget the power of your association’s mobile app.

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