3 Questions to Answer Before Launching Your Association's App.


Posted by Karen Bradford - 30 November, 2018


After a few months of your technical team diving into app integration data, you've tested and branded your association app to perfection. Your entire organization has contributed content and design feedback to guarantee success. You've become so comfortable with using your app that you probably navigate from content to content with ease. Ensure your members have the same exciting experience with your app by following these simple steps before launch day.

1. Have you performed the “Mom Test”?

Your association colleagues have most-likely been your test user group, but have users outside of your association downloaded the app and gone through it yet? Call your mom and ask her to download your app. Did she find it easy to navigate and was she really interested in the articles on your newsfeed? Were there any pain points that can be improved upon? For these areas, create a short tutorial video to include on your website. Make sure to use testers across a variety of devices as the experience can differ significantly. It’s important that your testers are testing functionality, usability and that they find the app engaging enough to stay on it for more than a minute or two. If mom can't use the app on her own, chances are your members will struggle too.

2. Is your app easy to find in the app stores?

Did you create an app icon that was in style with your brand or company logo so that it is easily recognizable to your users? Is it eye catching? Did you apply ASO (app store optimization) techniques such as using the right keywords? Brainstorm with your colleagues on what words you think your audience would use if searching for your association app. Consider that people use various combinations of words and include all since keywords are unlimited. For inspiration there are free resources like the Google Keyword Planner.

3. Are you promoting your new app?

Put your new app in the spotlight! Describe why your app will be beneficial to your audience. Show off the best features and functionalities. Get your audience talking!

  • Social Media – create an infographic or meme. Post once daily so that the announcement is not missed
  • Email – send out an email announcement to create buzz. Use footer space in emails you regularly send like renewal reminders to include a brief sentence and smart link
  • Events – use flyers, inserts, poster boards
  • Staff Signature Lines – this is a quick and easy way to include a smart link
  • Website – include download links on your homepage or use a small banner ad

Need ideas to help develop your app launch email series or social posts? Check out "We Created An App, Now What?" for copy and paste templates.

Launching an app is something to brag about! It was an investment for your organization and a lot of hard work went into implementing it so don’t be shy about promoting it! Connect with our experts for more tips and tricks for a successful app launch plan.

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