3 Reasons Why White Label Apps Fail.


Posted by Sameer Mulla - 25 February, 2019


Associations are founded upon the premise of supporting a niche group, standing up for a worthy cause, or gathering a group of like-minded trades. Each association needs are as unique as the next- so why invest in an out-of-the-box solution when your members need more? The key success factor of an association app is personalization.

In a world where convenience outweighs conversation and instant gratification is a must, your association app needs to provide personalized content, meaningful connections, and a curated experience. Don't let white label app providers sell you on flashy graphics and common features- make them sell you on the unique mobile experience you can create for your members.

Here's why white label app providers fail to provide associations with purposeful mobile app experience.

Flashy Graphics Don't Increase App Adoption.

While demoing white-label apps, you'll see the creme de la creme of design. It's easy to get caught up in the flashy graphics and clean presentation, but really focus on how the app can improve your member experience. Your app should be the central place for your members to learn about breaking news in your industry, access helpful whitepapers or reference articles to quickly download and discover upcoming events specifically for their region or professional specialty. This type of personal content on the app Newsfeed, Forum, or Resource Library is how your app increases member value. Don't be afraid to ask technical questions about how the Newsfeed works or present an app engagement strategy to see if their platform can support it. Having the ability to provide information in an easily accessible, user-friendly app is critical to the success of your app and mobile member engagement.

Meaningful Relationships Outweigh the Numbers.

While sales statistics or client numbers are impressive in a demo room, your members aren't interests in who else uses the app provider. What they are interested in is how they will be able to connect and collaborate with other members. Your association app should have a Member Directory (with an option to be suppressed), Private Messaging, and Commenting/Sharing capabilities. Instead of focusing solely on app features, shift to see how the app encourages member interaction. After all, your association app is competing with other apps for storage space on your member's phone. Using your association app as the sole venue to collaborate with other members increases your apps value.

Your Members Shouldn't be Another Number.

Your members see your association as one entity- with many sub-branches of regional chapters, commissions, sections and affiliates to support special interests. This is what separates your association from the rest. Your members whose interests vary but unify to support the same mission should not be treated as another number. Ask if your app Newsfeed can be customized specifically for each member. Can you target Push Notifications to specific app users? Plus, does the app allow members to refine their content by changing their preferences? A curated experience is a memorable one and shows your members that your association appreciates them and understands their interests.


We understand associations. That's why we developed six mobile solutions that specifically address common association challenges. Our flagship app, MOSAIC™ 365 was made for your members, so don't settle with an out-of-the-box solution. Our team of experts will guide your association from integration to app adoption, plus we'll provide mobile member engagement strategies for you to use along the way.

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