3 Steps to Pitch A Mobile App to Your Supervisor.


Posted by Megan Boone - 05 September, 2019


Your association members constantly give you feedback that they want a better way to be consistently informed. Plus, departments across your organization are looking for ways to streamline member communications, CE certifications, member interaction, the list goes on and on. What if we told you a mobile app isn't just an event solution- it's an association solution. By identifying your association;s most critical needs, you'll be able to showcase to your supervisor how an app not only brings value to your department, but to the entire association.

Here are the 3 steps to pitch a mobile app to your boss...

Step 1. Identify Your Most Pressing ‘Needs’

First, find the top challenges your association faces and identify the ‘Need’ for an app. Your goal is to present the best solution for your most critical challenges, plus showcase how mobile apps also help alleviate staff workload and increase member satisfaction. This quick presentation should outline your organization’s weaknesses or gaps and easily points out the ‘Need’. Now fill the gaps with how a mobile app can turn those weaknesses into strengths.

Here are just a few examples of how a mobile app can improve the overall health of your association:

  • Environmentally Conscious: Mobile apps open another digital communication channel to your members. Saving your organization on printing costs, paper, and postage. Plus they provide digital membership cards.
  • A New Marketing Channel: Mobile app alerts allow your association to instantly reach your members. Think about policy alerts, membership renewal notices, or event registration deadlines.
  • Data is Power: Mobile apps capture additional analytics so your staff can work smarter, not harder to connect with your membership.
  • Save Staff Time: Mobile apps allow members to renew more easily, update their profiles quicker, and no more duplication of content when the app links to your database.

Step 2. Understand the Financials

Second, understand and outline the financials. Turn the “An app costs money” mentality into “An app MAKES money!” Be prepared to outline the apps fees and be able to counter them with a positive ROI plan.

Here's how an app makes your association money:

  • Reduced Printing Expenses: Event handouts, monthly newsletters, even membership cards can all be stored within a mobile app
  • Increased Sponsorship Opportunities: The advertising opportunities within a mobile app are limitless. Your association can increase non-dues revenue by selling sponsored posts within a newsfeed, or ad space through the app.
  • In-App Purchases: Have your member's register for your next conference on their smartphone or tablet. 
  • Simplify Renewals with Single-Sign on: Membership renewals are only a click away with secure single sign on code. Meaning your members don't need to remember their login information to renew from the app!
  • Save Staff Time: Give your members direct access to their profile, their membership renewals, and event specific details. This will cut down on staff time spent on the phone, assembling/printing catalogs, etc.


Step 3. Forecast a Bright Future

Lastly, paint a picture of how the future will look with the addition of a mobile app. Show longevity plans and forecast growth. Now that you have justified closing gaps and making the investment, give the mobile app future value.

Here are some suggestions to set long-term goals for your mobile app:

  • Increase Member Engagement: Provide value to your board by capturing valuable data and analytics. Your association can now better understand your membership and give them more of what they want. This will reduce your members from leaving or getting bored, which translates into increased member loyalty.
  • Build Brand Recognition: Keep your association top of mind, rather than just having an event app active once a year.
  • Your Association is Technology First: Keeping up with modern trends show your association is moving into an electronic world, getting started now will only put you ahead of the trend.
  • Keep a Competitive Edge: Focus on how a mobile app will position your association better in your industry. Being able to keep your members informed instantly of late breaking news is becoming an expectation.


Here's a quick recap. First and foremost, do your research on mobile apps and the company’s needs, get your plan together and finally, present your pitch. Be sure to focus on how the mobile app will save your organization money and collect precious data. Also, make sure you showcase how the mobile app can grow with your association while adding value to your members in the future.

Need more info on mobile engagement strategies for your association? Download the 2019 Mobile Trends Guide for more helpful tips on improving your mobile member experience. Our flagship app, MOSAIC 365 was made for your members, so don't settle with an out-of-the-box solution. Our team of experts will guide your association from integration to app adoption, plus we'll provide mobile member engagement strategies for you to use along the way.

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