4 Reasons Why Your Association App Needs A Newsfeed.


Posted by Bethany Mills - 01 March, 2019


Long gone are the days where associations can master the app world by having an out-of-the-box app. Users are no longer satisfied by things like simple event listings, static membership details, repeated mantras from the organization’s website, etc. Today’s focus is on content and more specifically constantly evolving content. So how can your organization take advantage of this new trend without eating up all your manpower? I’m so glad you asked…

Your Content Needs to be Captivating

As I mentioned before, you can longer create an app that displays the same content day after day, month after month. Users will quickly lose interest with stale data. A study by global tech protection and support company Asurion found that the average American checks his or her phone once every 12 minutes. Now it’s doubtful that all of this time is spent on professional content, but it gives an idea of the attention span you’re working with. Providing these users with updated content will be key to keeping them as users.

Your Content Needs to be Easy to Find

This is where newsfeeds come into play. A newsfeed in an app is the perfect way to take subject matter you or a related source are probably already cultivating and provide a constant stream of content to your app users. If you already have things like blogs, professional journals, and RSS feeds, you have the perfect opportunity to set up automatic content feeds into your app.

You Can Promote Mixed Media

A newsfeed can also resolve the problem of how to intermix multiple sources. By setting your newsfeed to display your content chronologically, you’ll be able to use content from each of your sources without having to come up with a separate display for each source. And bonus: newsfeeds from multiple sources usually end up looking more robust than ones from single sources.

Your Members Engage With Your Association

Lastly, your app newsfeed gives users the ability to comment, like and interact with one another. People love to talk especially on mobile. By providing this functionality, you’ll be giving users one more reason to stay active in your app. An engaged member is a member that's more likely to renew.

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