4 Secrets to Boost Mobile Engagement in 2020.


Posted by Sameer Mulla - 28 January, 2020


It's no secret, smartphone usage is on the rise. According to CNBC, by 2025, 72.6% of internet users will use only their smartphones to access the web. That’s nearly 3.7 billion people! Now is the time to prepare your association for the mobile-first movement, by implementing four key strategies that will boost your mobile member engagement.

SECRET 1: Talk Less, Listen More.

Mobile apps provide a new way for your association to create a culture of collaboration. Your association unites members to learn new technology together, share common challenges and develop new solutions. Each member’s purpose for joining your association is unique, so rather than trying to dump them into a one-size-fits-all category, consider your mobile app a microphone for each of your members.

Think of mobile apps as your own personal social media platform, where you can listen to your members’ greatest concerns and watch them interact. Forums, newsfeeds and messaging features connect your members instantly on their smartphones. Your mobile app community is a year-long focus group for your Marketing Department to dive into what your members are talking about and really tap into what their needs are. [READ MORE]

SECRET 2: There's Money in Mobile.

With more payment options outside of large credit card providers and ACH transfers, your association will need to incorporate alternative means of membership and registration payments like BluePay and Stripe. In-app purchases reduce abandonment rates and are expected by the next generation of your membership. Don’t just take our word for it — according to Statista, 57% of people use a mobile app to find out more about a product or service before purchasing. [READ MORE]

SECRET 3: Personalization Creates A Memorable Mobile Experience.

It doesn’t matter what industry your association represents; mobile app adoption suffers if your app is not personalized. According to Instapage, more than half of users stop using a mobile app just one month after downloading it. After three months, the average mobile app retention rate drops to only 29%. Mobile personalization is the difference between losing and retaining members. [READ MORE]

SECRET 4: Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Are the New Standard.

Introduced by Google in collaboration with Twitter, AMPs are webpages that are made specifically to help app developers decrease bounce rates and enhance performance rates (Towards Data Science). This means your AMPs will create a cohesive experience between the mobile app and the internet, which will help increase user retention. With 5G technology expanding and creating quick connectivity, AMPs are the new mobile-responsive pages. What’s more, Google’s search algorithm rewards sites with AMPs by listing those pages within search results as “mobile compatible.” [READ MORE]


Do you want real examples of how to implement these strategies in your association? 

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Download the 2020 MOSAIC Mobile Trends Guide for more great ideas on how to get your association up-to-speed with the mobile movement.

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