4 Ways a Mobile App Impacts More Than Membership.


Posted by Megan Boone - 28 May, 2020


Membership is important to any association, but let’s face it, it is not all your association has to offer.

Using a mobile app gives you the opportunity to transform the way you engage with your members. A mobile app will transform your association making it more visible, encourage year-round member engagement through priceless mobile communities, boost non-membership revenue and provide a personalized experience which will ultimately build stronger, longer relationships with all of your key stakeholders.

 1 . Speed up communication and data collection

  • News – publish news and videos providing instant access to members.
  • Alerts – send instant, or scheduled, Text or HTML based alerts to a specific target audience.
  • Evaluations/Polls/Surveys – distribute electronic questionnaires and get instant and valuable feedback.
  • Events – publish events to the public and optionally, allow people to register for the event(within Events you can provide general event listings; session/speaker/exhibitor information, and event specific details).
  • Connections – give your members the availability to instantaneously connect with each other through forums that are specific to them.

 2. Create a personalized experience

  • Profile – allow users (members and non-members) to log into their account and update their profile information at their leisure.
  • Forums – give your members a personalized space where they can share/discuss your association’s subjects straight into a mobile app.
  • Directory – allow members to have access to connect with each other through a member directory.
  • Events – set up access limitations to certain event information such as handouts, evaluations/surveys, event forums, QR Codes and scanning, or Gamification.

3. Highlight your branding and sponsorships

  • Banner Ads – unlimited opportunities for sponsorship/revenue is available in mobile apps.
  • Events – mobile apps allow you to brand your events and even have banner ads throughout your event modules to highlight exhibitors and sponsors.

 4. Expand your association’s visibility and resources

  • Information or Home Screen – post information about the organization, address and other contact information.
  • Social – link directly to your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, RSS Feeds and other social networking sites for mobile access.
  • Resource Management – a digital library which provides app level access to subscriptions, member resources or other important electronic documents such as PDFs, Word/Excel, and Audio/Video files to be played on the mobile device.

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