5 App Features Your Association Can’t Go Without.


Posted by Angie Jackson - 24 April, 2018


How many times do you click through articles on apps or instantly react to a push notification? Now think about how your association connects with members on mobile. According to the 2018 Marketing General Report, lack of engagement with the organization is the most commonly cited reason for nonrenewal. In fact, 37% of associations list this as a top reason. Does your organization have a strategy to incorporate mobile engagement into your member experience?  

Using a mobile app for once-a-year events is a thing of the past. Include these 5 app features to encourage year-round member engagement. 

Here are 5 features you'll want to implement today.

Simplify Signing-on

Do you find that your members aren't moving past the login page? In today's digital age it's difficult to maintain so many usernames and passwords- especially if your members don't login regularly. That's why MOSAIC™ 365's key feature is AutoLogin for iMIS. A secure, single sign-on code customized to each member to renew their membership, register for an event or simply donate to your organization. AutoLogin for iMIS is included with MOSAIC™ 365 so your staff can integrate the code with your email marketing platform or event registration system. This means your members can register or renew with one click and skip the sign-on process.

Not only does it simplify the checkout process, but it reduces the number of login support requests to your membership department and the amount of duplicates records in your database from new account creations.

Encourage Networking

Staying connected is so important in the day of mobile technology and one of the strongest desires of professional association members. It's imperative for members to have a way to connect and collaborate. Our Membership Directory allows members to search their local area for other members or exhibitors. Your members can call, email or message one another using your association app. This is a great member benefit to collaborate with future presentations or finding a product.

Provide One App for All Events

Your association's events are so content-rich that you shouldn't be limited or up-charged based on the number of events throughout the year or amount of resources provided. Our Events Module includes unlimited events (past and present) so attendees that are registered for past events can locate speakers, bios, handouts and session details. Better yet, your association can gate content specific to members-only which provides your membership team an opportunity to recruit new members. You can also use the built-in QR scanner to check attendees in and out of sessions, manage CEs, and sell the package to exhibitors for lead generation. We also have clients that use this feature for gamification in the exhibit hall. Attendees truly engage in the game to win prizes at the end of the event.

Increase Sponsorship ROI

Investing in new technology can give lean associations sticker shock. That's why we've incorporated Sponsorship and Advertising opportunities throughout the app experience. Your association can increase non-dues revenue through 365-day engagement and over ten advertising slots where sponsors or exhibitors can be highlighted. Our clients are coming up with new ideas every day.

Create Shareable Content

In a digital world where content is king, associations are looking for new ways to optimize their resources to engage with members on mobile. Our latest module, the Resource Manager or digital library, allows members to purchase a publication or download free resources to their smartphone so they can access important information from the palm of their hand. Our app is seamlessly integrated with iMIS so you can share confidential information like Board and Committee minutes with specific individuals. Say goodbye to expensive paper publications and board documents.

When you are searching for a mobile app provider, find a partner who is willing to explore new features and help problem-solve your toughest challenges.

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