5 Discussion Topics to Increase Your App Adoption Rate.


Posted by Sameer Mulla - 05 June, 2019


One of the top reasons members join associations is to connect with others in their profession. And Millennials are reinforcing that stat. In fact Entrepreneur.com states that 92% of Millennials believe that today’s professional groups provide great opportunities to network. Now your association can provide the technology and community connectivity through your mobile app.

MOSAIC™ 365 now integrates with Higher Logic, the leading online community management software for associations today. This means your community discussions, private messages, and invaluable connections are now placed in the palm of your members hands. But the "build it and they will come" Field of Dreams mentality doesn't apply to apps. That's why we've come up with 5 discussion topics for your app Forum that will boost your adoption rate and increase mobile member engagement.

1. Say hello!

Create a simple discussion board that allows your members to introduce themselves, but don't be afraid to start the conversation. Ask your members where they're located, what they do, and what their greatest accomplishment is in their career so far. You can also ask who they are looking to meet through your app Forum, or to ask any questions they may have.

2. Ask for input about controversial news.

Your app provides a private place for professionals in a specific industry to share their thoughts and perspectives in a community of peers. If you are a medical association or scientific organization ask about the measles outbreak in Oregon and New York and how your association may do a better job educating the public about vaccinations.

3. Highlight members making an impact on the industry.

Apps are a great way to hold a live Q&A session with some of the most prominent members in your association community. Best of all, you can send live push notifications when an expert is available for a live ask-all session.

4. Be relateable.

Your discussions should always link back to the core concerns and conversations your members have, but it doesn't hurt to add in a little bit of pop-culture fun! Are there any movies that covered major pitfall portrayals of your profession? Or are there TV shows that depict a similarity to your member's career? Including relevant media makes your association more relateable and increases the likelihood of engaging a response from your members.

5. Share urgent alerts

Your app forum is the perfect place for your association to share breaking advocacy news that requires action. If you're a national organization it allows regional communities to share the latest legislation that may be impacting the profession with those in their area.


Mobile apps are becoming more vital for associations to stay relevant to the new Millennial membership base. Connect with our mobile experts so we can help make your association app the top reason your members renew. Schedule a discovery call today.

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