5 Reasons Your Association Should Invest in Mobile Technology Today.


Posted by Angie Jackson - 26 October, 2018


As Millennials become the growing population of new members, your association will need to keep up with their communication habits - especially on mobile.. Mobile apps are just one way to solve their instant gratification needs by providing information with just a tap of the finger.

Using push notifications allows you to stay top of mind, organize event information and manage member profiles with ease. There are many reasons why your organization should invest in a year-round association app, but here are 5 critical points to help convince your CEO that mobile is the next best buy.

1. Your members expect it. Millennials are not the only ones addicted to their smartphones. Your members now expect for your website to be mobile responsive and to find content from your association in the app store. Ask yourself, are our journals available online? Can members download them to their tablet or phone to read on-the-go? Your members want to be able to access their member benefits from any location and mobile apps make that possible.

Additionally, mobile apps like MOSAIC™ 365 include single sign-on functionality which allows your association to simplify your membership renewal process, event registration and donation collection. Your members can login to their account with one click, optimizing your checkout experience.

2. Competitive advantage. Your competitors may have already adopted a year-round app that provides an abundance of new member benefits and resources. You can also increase your sponsorship revenue as you and your sponsors will see an immediate return on investment on a year-round app that gives them more exposure to your members.

3. Marketing and communications channels. If you choose the right app, it will give your organization its own name and branding in the app stores and you can consistently push out content based on your members needs. You can also segment that content to a specialty group or chapter.

4. A valuable visualization of member engagement. Utilizing an app adds analytics where you can track your members engagement and what is important to them by the products they purchase, where they spend the most time as well as incorporating a rewards program for those members who are the most engaged and loyal to your organization.

5. Mobile is only going one way – Up. Your organization can provide a new level of customer service since adopting a year-round app creates a 24/7 extension of your staff's functions.

Your members deserve the best so why not increase member satisfaction while boosting your bottom line at the same time. Most of your members are opening emails on their mobile devices, providing them with a single sign on mobile solution is the obvious choice.

Ask us how the MOSAIC™ 365 App can improve your mobile member experience today.

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