5 Ways to Engage Your Members Through Your Mobile App Year-Round.


Posted by Karen Bradford - 09 September, 2020


During non-event times it can be easy to forget about using your association’s mobile app for member engagement. With in-person events on hold for now, it is more important than ever to engage your members year-round and your mobile app is one of the most effective ways to do that.

Here are five different ways to engage your members through your mobile app year-round:

  • Use push notifications more frequently – When you send out an email to your members or post on social media, provide the same information as a push notification and send it out through the app. Alert members of your content in online communities (blog, forum, social media).
  • Concentrate on your interactive content to engage your members – Make sure to post fresh content on your news feed and forums so that your members can like and/or comment.
  • Sharing all your resources - Add video content and other valuable information such as newsletters, policies and other PDFs to your resource library, for your members to download.
  • Use your mobile app for access to your latest webinars and on demand content - Now more than ever, your members are looking for online education opportunities.
  • Take time to refresh your members' memories of the benefits you offer – Have you included an easily accessible menu item or button on your app for your members to quickly find and access their benefits? Detail the benefits belonging to your organization. Many members are not aware of all the benefits you offer, a list of all benefits can easily take care of this.Remind them of benefits they may not be using by sending a push notification.

Your mobile app is a great way to engage your association's membership. Consider adding anything that might provide your members with value to your mobile app. Monitor what’s working and what’s not using analytics and adjust from there.

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