5 Ways to Reinvent or Expand Your Sponsorship Packages with a Mobile App.


Posted by Bethany Mills - 27 July, 2018


Investing in new technology requires buy-in from departments organization-wide. We know that this investment isn't a decision associations should take lightly. Our flagship app, MOSAIC™ 365, allows organizations to profit through year-round sponsorship revenue increasing the ROI of their mobile app. Here are 5 ways our mobile app can boost your association's sponsorship packages.

Create Direct Value

Sponsors want as many opportunities to directly convert your members into prospects as possible. Mobile app advertisements give your sponsors the ability to make a strong first impression and capture leads instantly. Using mobile technology allows your sponsors’ potential clients to get instant value by completing a contact form, downloading a coupon or even making a purchase, in the palm of their hand.

Allow Sponsors to Develop Relationships

Offer sponsors the chance to connect with members through mobile app social feeds or private messaging. Similar to how Facebook now offers Messenger Advertising, you can connect your sponsors directly with members by using the private message feature within your app. Push notifications also give your sponsors a way to make important announcements and promotional offerings to members when time is of the essence.

Exclusive Advertising Options

MOSAIC™ 365 gives your organization the ability to offer sponsors splash pages, home page advertisements, and rotating banner advertisements. You have the ability to make the splash page an exclusive opportunity for upcoming events or sell it as a monthly advertisement opportunity. Sponsors will love your diverse advertising options and will select the best option for their goals

Target Specific Members

Did you know you can create specific target groups within your mobile app through iMIS IQAs? This simple tool is an invaluable resource to make your sponsorship packages stand out from other organizations. Sponsors will be able to send push notifications to specific members that fit their advertising or campaign goals.

Data to Make Decisions

With MOSAIC™ 365 you can measure exactly how many members saw an ad, if they downloaded a coupon, or acted on a push notification. This allows your sponsor to gather instant data and make valuable decisions to boost their advertising ROI. Your sponsors will appreciate the transparent data you’re able to provide.

Organizations that use the full range of revenue-generating features find that the app can pay for itself in no time. Want more advice on how to optimize your mobile app for your association? Sign up for our e-course series, Smart Mobile Association Strategies to Boost Your Bottom Line.

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