How to Provide Mobile Solution for All Generations.


Posted by Bethany Mills - 21 November, 2018


Help! We’ve implemented a mobile app but our mature users don’t use smart phones.

It’s a tale as old as time. An organization moves into today’s technological advances by implementing a mobile app for their event but still there’s a large portion of their users who either can’t access the mobile app because they don’t own a smart phone or have a smart phone and don’t know how to it.
First of all if this describes your attendees, make sure you have someone onsite dedicated to providing mobile app support. This may seem like a luxury but is actually something that will help your transition to the mobile app world go much more smoothly.
But beyond that, if you still have a portion of your user-ship that is not comfortable on a smart phone you need to provide them an alternative. I’m talking about a mobile-friendly website that allows them to access the most important parts of any event mobile app: the ability to view details about sessions and speakers, take evaluations, access handouts and create a personalized schedule.
By providing these functions in a format that these users will be more comfortable with, you will still be able to reap of some of the biggest advantages of a mobile app: reducing costs by printing less physical programs, collecting evaluation data electronically and having one place to keep event data up-to-date.
The key is to find a product that works in conjunction with your mobile app. You don’t want to have two separate systems you have to keep track of - what a nightmare! Your mobile app should work seamlessly with this web based product to provide you with all of the advantages without any downsides.


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