Boost your Renewal Rate by Adding a Mobile Notification.


Posted by Sameer Mulla - 17 May, 2018


Membership marketers know renewal notices must span different channels, multiple times for a successful retention rate. Email is the most preferred professional method of communication, but is quickly becoming cluttered. Each day, the average office worker receives 121 emails and 66% of email is read on mobile devices. In addition, smartphone users check their phones 50x a day on average. As for Millennials, the newest generation in the workforce, they check their smartphone over 150x a day!

Getting your renewal message to your members has never been more difficult and becomes costly, quickly. That's why associations are turning to mobile apps to boost member engagement and renewal rates. Here are a few pointers, and a free infographic, to add mobile notifications to your retention strategy.

Save Alerts for Emergencies

Mobile alerts are the simplest way to gauge immediate interest in a topic, but you don't want to overwhelm your members with notifications when they aren't used to engaging with you. We recommend saving mobile alerts for emergencies and developing a consistent communication stream through your mobile app to encourage year-round engagement. The last thing you want is your members to turn off notifications (similar to an email unsubscribe) to your app or delete it all together.

Ask for Immediate Action

It's easy to become a victim of procrastination when you receive so many emails and junk mail every day. A mobile notification or push alert, allows you to immediately capture the member's attention and direct them to your renewal page. We recommend sending these mobile alerts three times before a member expires in place of email and direct mail notices. Your message should be crystal clear- and not mislead the member with any "click-bait" copy. For our free mobile alert notice template, sign up for our e-course series!

Simplify Your Login

Most associations don't have the luxury of using the latest e-commerce platform and antiquated systems often mean members abandon the checkout process before getting to the cart. Improve your renewal rate by simplifying the steps to reach the final payment screen. MOSAIC™ 365 includes Auto Login™ for iMIS, a secure single sign-on feature which allows your organization to direct the member directly to the payment screen and skip the login screen.

Use these three tips and our infographic to meet your members where they are- on mobile. You'll see an increase in renewals immediately!

INFORGAPHIC Member Retention Timeline

Want to find more ways to boost member engagement through mobile? Sign up for our complimentary e-course series!


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