Case Study – ISAKOS Shows How to Reach the Entire Audience.

Posted by Eileen Murphy - 21 August, 2023


Giving Options to Ensure a Great Event!

The International Society of Arthroscopy, Knee Surgery and Orthopaedic Sports Medicine
(ISAKOS) wanted to go green this year for their Congress 2023, in Boston, MA. Not having a printed program was a major shift for their attendees, so they wanted to have as many options as possible to allow the attendees freedom to customize their event experience and maximize the electronic opportunities!

For the ISAKOS app users, there was an interactive floor plan to help attendees know where sessions were being held and attendees were able to create a personalized agenda which best suited their needs. ISAKOS knew, however, that some of their members would come to Congress 2023 without having downloaded the app, and ISAKOS wanted to give them a great entry point to seeing why the printed program was not necessary. ISAKOS asked mosaic apps to create a QR code per room using Hub & Space that would take the attendee to a web-based interactive agenda allowing the attendee to see which events and sessions would take place in the room. This additional request was to ensure customer satisfaction and was a great way to help introduce their participants to the online program with all the features it offered which weren’t possible in a printed program.

With a simple QR code scan, the member could see the schedule for the room, and they would have the ability to click into a particular event to see the event details. Another click on a particular speaker would present the attendee with the presentation agenda for that speaker with links to each of those sessions which gave the attendee another opportunity to customize their own schedule by following the presenters they wanted to see.

Because ISAKOS Congress attracts attendees from around the world, the sessions were connected to the translation service Wordly, so attendees could get live translation in their native language in print or audio. This functionality was in the app, but for those without the app, the QR code for the session led them to that option as well.

This redundancy to the app in a web-based program ensured that every member had access to the schedule of content and speakers. It included all the filters by topic, session type, and location. And, of course, just like the app, was fully integrated with their AMS so any updates or changes were reflected immediately. It also offered opportunities for people such as @drmattkolevar to link his Tweet about being a research award finalist directly to his abstract in the program which is a wonderful way for attendees to promote their work.

To encourage app use, ISAKOS promoted the ability for Q&A for Symposia, ICLs and Surgical Demo discussions. They also appealed to the competitive side of the attendees by promoting the games on the app with terrific prizes. Nearly 2,000 users logged in to the app and over 400 app downloads happened during the meeting,

They also made a fantastic overview of the app, and it is a great example for other organizations looking to make a tutorial for their members! Take a look at their tutorial here.

Mosaic was proud to support ISAKOS with their app and web-based needs for Congress 2023 and applauds them for thinking through all the ways the attendees could benefit from not having to be tied to a printed program!

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