How to Make Your Attendee's Check-In Process Seamless.


Posted by Karen Bradford - 16 October, 2018


Check-in apps are a great solution to the problems most associations have – long lines at the registration desk. Let’s face it, nothing kills the excitement quicker than waiting in line forever just to check-in to an event. Thanks to modern technology, there are easy ways to reduce the wait and improve your registration experience. Use these simple hacks to upgrade your registration desk at your next event:

  • QR coded e-mail confirmations – for those who have preregistered a simple scan of their confirmation email can really speed up the process.
  • Provide onsite registration with e-commerce capabilities- this boosts event revenue and also allows the attendee to make any modifications to their event schedule.
  • On-site modern iPad-based stations for QR code scanning from printed document or mobile device for quick self-service check-in
  • Designate a self-check-in station for those who have their QR code and understand the process without needing assistance of onsite staff
  • Provide your attendees the ability to quickly search, find, edit and print their custom badges and tickets with the touch of a button, making reprints easy so attendees can go right to their event sessions. Plus, it'll automatically update your database with current contact information.

You have planned and marketed your event for months. The effort and hard work you put in to impress your attendees can and should pay off but often times the check-in process is an afterthought. Wow your attendees with a memorable experience!

A seamless check-in process is key to setting the tone for the rest of your event. Discover how to make all this possible with the MOSAIC™ Check-In App.

Topics: Self-Service Registration

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