Mastering Push Notifications.

Posted by Eileen Murphy - 27 June, 2023


Push notifications have become invaluable tools for engaging members and sharing vital information. At conferences, it is crucial to be very strategic about the use of push notifications to capture attendees' attention. Over-use and you will irritate them. Under-use and they will miss out on valuable information. Take time to explore effective strategies for sending alerts, crafting compelling content, and ensuring member interest, ultimately driving the desired results.

Understand Your Audience
Before diving into push notification strategies, you need to have a good understanding of your association's members. By considering their preferences, interests, and communication habits, you can tailor your notifications effectively. Make sure the staff who will be sending the notifications have the information they need. After registration, send out a brief survey to gather feedback on how often your members want updates.

Timing is Everything
At conferences, timing is key when sending push notifications. Attendees are likely to be immersed in a whirlwind of sessions, networking, and events. To cut through the noise and capture their attention, carefully time your notifications to coincide with relevant moments. For example, send reminders about upcoming sessions, exclusive member-only gatherings, or updates on schedule changes. Consider using geo-targeting to send location-specific alerts, ensuring attendees receive relevant information based on their whereabouts.

Content that Captivates
To pique your members' interests rather than turn them off, focus on crafting compelling and concise content for your push notifications. Keep them brief, engaging, and action oriented. If you need to promote a particular session, for instance, highlight the value and benefits of attending that session. Use language that generates excitement and urgency, encouraging members to take immediate action.

Frequency and Relevancy
Finding the right balance between sending too many or too few push notifications is super important. Bombarding members with excessive alerts can lead to annoyance and disengagement. However, infrequent notifications may cause important updates to be missed. Aim for a reasonable frequency that aligns with the conference schedule and the significance of the information being shared. Prioritize relevancy, ensuring that each notification adds value and directly impacts members' conference experience.

Segment and Personalize
To maximize engagement, leverage the power of segmentation and personalization in your push notifications. Different members may have varying interests and roles within your association. Tailor your messages, accordingly, creating segmented groups based on criteria such as profession, membership level, or special interests. This allows you to send highly targeted notifications that resonate with specific subsets of your membership, increasing the likelihood of capturing their attention.

Track and Analyze
To refine your push notification strategy, it's essential to track and analyze their effectiveness. Use analytics tools to see what is working. Check to see if there are times that work better than others, if there is fall off after a certain number of notifications sent, etc. By understanding what resonates with your members, you can continuously improve your notifications and drive better engagement. And when the meeting is over, survey the attendees again to see their reactions to the number and frequency. Be open to experimentation and adapt your strategy based on data-driven insights.

Mastering push notifications at conferences can significantly enhance your association's engagement levels at conferences, and ensure members stay informed and connected. By understanding your audience, timing your notifications effectively, crafting captivating content, and analyzing the results, you can gain traction, capture attention, and drive the desired outcomes. Embrace the power of push notifications and elevate your conference experience to new heights!

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