Member Engagement: Are you taking advantage of your mobile platform?.


Posted by Bethany Mills - 16 March, 2022


Chances are your organization is missing out on opportunities to engage with your members especially if you aren’t including your mobile app in your engagement roadmap. We know that on average smartphone users check their phones at least 50 times per day. That stat actually triples for Millennials. Use this fixation to your benefit.  


Here are some tips on how to take advantage of your mobile platform: 


Streamline renewal reminders.

Associations spend a significant chunk of time getting members to renew. Think about the process at your organization. Do you send emails? Of course. Do you send mailed invoices? Probably. Do you send notifications through your mobile app? No? Well, you’re missing out on a fast-growing opportunity.  


Renewal reminder alerts can be set up as an automatic process with a few easy steps: 

  1. Create a targeted group that pulls in any users who are up for renewal in 90 days (adjust this based on how far out you want the renewal alert to go out).  
  2. Create an alert with your renewal messaging set to go out on the first of every month to everyone who falls into that targeted group. 
  3. Accept the flowers and/or chocolates from your accounting department for the increased revenue coming into the organization! 


Highlight your organization’s accomplishments or calls to action.

There’s no greater joy than showing your members what you’re doing for them. Make sure to highlight your governmental or social actions with app alerts! You can even include messaging directing members where they can donate or join in the action (where appropriate). 


Promote event registration.

Similar to membership renewal, you can set up a process that pulls any users that haven’t registered for an upcoming event into a targeted group and send them monthly or weekly messages in your app about your events and registration. Take advantage of the desire of app users to complete tasks quickly by providing them the link to register right on their phones.  


Spotlight sponsors and any offers for your members.

Sponsorship is a key piece of marketing for most associations. Use your mobile app to share your sponsors, their details, and any benefits your members can access.  


Announce all major association news on the mobile app first.

The goal here is to make the mobile app THE place your members come for important information and updates. Any major updates your organization has should be provided first in the mobile app. The precedent alone will create some buzz for your mobile app and encourage all members to download and stay active on the platform.  


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