Productivity Tips to Help Manage Your Time and Money Wisely.


Posted by Megan Boone - 19 April, 2022

If I told you that you could accomplish more faster to get time back into your day, have less stress, and you could be more cost-efficient, would you want to know how?!? Of course, because your time, your well-being, and your money are all valuable!
Here are a few terrific productivity tips to optimize your workload by using a mobile app.
  1. Batch processes – input data in one place and have it show in multiple places. A properly integrated mobile app with a corresponding web-based platform gives you the advantage of being able to enter a set of data into your AMS and having it display nicely on any mobile device as well as laptops/desktops as a formatted webpage. Mass amounts of information, such as your events’ session information, speaker lists with bios and photos, and floor map locations, should only be entered once and any edits should quickly reflect across all platforms. Batch processes will give you back time and relieve you of stress!
  2. Transfer content electronically – electronic disbursement of content is instantaneous and cost-efficient. Having the ability to get content out electronically and directly into your member’s hands is the epitome of being fast and efficient. Push news articles, member resources, direct communications about membership status, and much more. No more shipping costs, no more staff time pulling resources to assemble in hundreds of individual packets, no more printer errors, no more phone calls, and no more lag time on important news releases. Transferring content electronically will give you back time and money!
  3. Capture data straight from the source – get immediate inside access to your user’s feedback. With a mobile app, your organization will be able to see immediate session and event evaluation data, capture your users’ notes on sessions and/or exhibitors, store session check-in/out data highlighting interest in topics or specific speakers or for CEU purposes, review session Q&A and see community interaction about what’s ‘hot’ and what’s ‘not’ through chat threads. Eliminate the time of counting people in chairs, counting survey responses, and the unknown by capturing data immediately. Capturing data straight from the source will lower your stress and expedite collection and tabulation while providing you with valuable data!
  4. Ease of access – give your members easy access to all aspects of your association. Having a single sign-on that avoids the need to continually enter logins and passwords helps users access items specific to them and your association. Provide effortless direct access to an app where every member type can have full or limited access to different modules, customized alert communications, event details, resources, and their personal membership status. Providing this simplicity of customized access to your members will relieve you of phone calls, emails, and member confusion. Ease of access will relieve you of stress and give you back time to your day!
With these productivity tips, I know you will be able to accomplish so much more during your workday within the same amount of time or less. Once you sure up the processes to make you more productive, you’ll be able to enjoy a little less stress, a little more time and a little more money.

Topics: Mobile Engagement, Continued Education Management, Mobile Strategy

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