Does Your Registration Line Need An EZ Pass?.


Posted by Sameer Mulla - 19 January, 2018


First impressions matter – especially at events where your organization has an opportunity for a high-value touch point with your existing and potential members. The on-site check in, badge printing and registration does not have to be a DMV-like experience. There are a host of applications available that can streamline this process. Here are a few tips to help create an EZ Pass like experience for your attendees during check-in:

Communicate close to the event and use a multi-channel communication plan.

The closer an attendee is to your event, the higher the chance that they will review a “prepare for the event” checklist email. This email should include what they can expect when they arrive, what to bring in to quickly check in, and links to your apps. This communication should also include their badge information and an option/ability for them to edit it. This would help save them time when on-site, since their information would be accurate. Use multiple channels to communicate the check-list to the attendees, including links in social media, your apps, your event website and via email.

Use self-serve apps including payments where possible.

Self-serve kiosks have become very common nowadays. From airports to fast food restaurants, these kiosks save you time and resources. Imagine this – the attendee walks up to an iPad, looks up their registration record, makes changes and prints their badge. The cost of putting up an iPad stand with a printer is negligible and most of these apps also provide sponsorship options, creating a new revenue source! Moreover, including a self-pay option with credit card readers attached to the iPad, make it quick and easy to solicit donations to your foundation or other programs. Attendees can add workshops or purchase spouse getaway tickets within seconds.

Add a human touch.

Even with a self-serve app or a kiosk, make sure you have a staff or a volunteer within reach if attendees need help. A personal touch by handing the event bag with all the goodies while the attendee’s badge is printing, is always welcome. Attendees who are eager to get to their first session always appreciate staff available to direct them to the appropriate session location.

These are just a few ways to optimize your attendee's registration experience. As you're evaluating how your association manages events, consider investing in a self-service registration option that fits best with your event app!

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