The Easiest Tricks To Simplify Your Login.


Posted by Bethany Mills - 14 December, 2017


In these modern times, users have approximately 137 logins and passwords floating around in their subconscious. Trying to keep them all straight is a full-time job in itself.

To make it as easy as possible for your users, have processes in place that help them skip the necessity of having to remember their password. The easiest password to remember is the one you don’t have to remember.

Step 1: Establish an Automated Process

To start with, make sure you have an automated process in place for your users to either recover or reset their password...without any assistance from staff at your organization.

This process should first and foremost actually work. If your first response to that sentence was “duh of course”, stick with me. Many organizations set up the forgot password functionality and don’t think about it again. You would be amazed how often organizations find a problem popped up in the process somewhere between go-live and now that they were not aware of. If you haven't tested your forgot password process in awhile (or ever), make it a priority today. Pretend you're a user and need to reset your password. If you can’t get through your forgot password process, neither can your users.


Step 2: Simplify Password Creation & Retrieval 

Oftentimes, password creation requirements are complex and make it difficult for users to remember their login. When selecting a security platform, ensure the password requirements meet industry standards and include at least 8 characters and one number.

Next, make sure the forgot password process is simple. During your testing, count how many steps are required to get to the end goal of resetting your password. Members are impatient, especially the younger crowd (see our previous blog on Millenials for more details). If you find the process cumbersome or confusing, imagine what your users are experiencing. It's best to stick to a maximum three-click retrieval process. Aim for an immediate email reset link or a security question originally created by the user. 


Step 3: Consider Custom Code

If you find your users are still having trouble getting logged into your website, consider a product that skips the login process altogether. By using a product that automatically logs in your user based on a simple, specialized URL, you can send them to member-restricted areas of your website (member tools, event registration, member renewal, etc.) without them having to enter their login or password.

Step 4: Check All Platforms

Keep in the mind the login challenge applies to other platforms too. Just like with your website if your mobile app requires your users to constantly login to see content, this can be an obstacle to a great member tool. Instead, opt for a mobile app that saves the user’s login and password so they only have to enter it once.

Chances are that your organization is already having login issues whether you know it or not. Talk with your customer service and IT teams to come up with an action plan to avoid any unexpected complications for your users.

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