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Posted by Angie Jackson - 21 December, 2017


If your professional organization offers continuing education (CEs) credits, chances are your Education team feels the logging rush mid-year and end of year. Paper evaluations, accrual statements and certificates worked well in the past, but create a tracking nightmare for your team and your members.

Since many associations offer CEs at their annual conferences, events or through webinars throughout the year, Education and Meetings Departments can spend many staff hours manually entering data into their Association Management Software (AMS) or Learning Management System (LMS). This can be a long and tedious process- not to mention isn't a great member experience. Members expect instant gratification, especially if they are trying to complete a few extra hours in a pinch. Additionally, it allows room for human error- which can make the experience worse!  In this day, it's time you joined the digital age and offered your members a self-service, digital option.

4 Ways to Optimize and Integrate CE Management into Mobile

1. Want to make sure your attendees are actually attending those sessions? Mobile scanning software allows your staff to check attendees into a session or the attendees can scan a QR Code at the door. This information is securely transferred into your AMS or LMS allowing attendees to immediately track CEs and complete any surveys or questionnaires for credit approval.

2. Digital evaluations allows your attendees to complete their knowledge of each session either by using a mobile app or web app with responsive technology that can track their time, schedule and attendance.

3. Once approved, you can provide them with a digital certificate outlining their professional development course work.  This step saves you on mailing costs and gives your attendees the control they deserve.

4. Safe electronic storage also allows your attendees to access their CEs, evaluations and any course materials for up to one year from the event date.  Your Education team will thank you when logging deadlines roll around!

Mobile CE management is the easiest way to ensure your members can access CEs anywhere, anytime. Check with our staff to receive more tips on how your AMS may integrate with our MOSAIC Certification Manager.  

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