The Hidden Costs of Event Registration.


Posted by Angie Jackson - 26 February, 2018


Planning for events was the 5th most stressful job in 2017 according to Forbes Magazine. From creating a budget many years in advance to booking a destination, planners must forecast attendance, costs and revenue for events constantly. Large organizations book conference locations up to ten years in advance to secure the adequate space needed for their event! Now that is stressful.

On top of all the advance planning, there are a multitude of hidden costs that can pop up once event registration opens. Some common culprits include:

  • Temporary staff to manage attendee registration
  • Badge stock and printing
  • Computer & printer rentals
  • Internet & electricity
  • Credit card system for onsite registration
  • Shipping...not to mention last minute orders or hotel delivery fees
  • Contractor design & set-up costs of the registration booths
  • Directional signage

These hidden costs can blow your budget and ruin your attendee's first impression if the registration process isn't easy and informative. Make the opening day of your event a unique and exciting experience for all attendees. It sets the tone for the rest of the conference.

Here's how to reduce your registration expenses & create a stress-free registration experience.

Consider adopting an iPad mobile app and give the attendees the power of printing their name badges, event tickets and include a ribbon station. This reduces the space needed for registration and can be transferred into valuable real estate like a networking lounge.

Ask a couple of staff to linger around the iPad kiosks to ensure an easy flow and personalized experience. This reduces the number of temporary staff, registration counters and signage needed. In turn, you'll notice decor and registration equipment will decrease and shipping costs as well. You will still need to purchase internet connections and rent iPad stations, but most registration apps are equipped with eCommerce so that attendees can register onsite or add sessions to their agenda.

Whether your event is small or large, self-registration kiosks allow you to stay in budget and create a memorable experience by reducing:

  • Temporary staffing expenses
  • Computer, printer, and electronic rentals
  • Shipping costs
  • General decorator costs
  • Alleviate credit card system
  • Reduce signage

You will surely have happy attendees, members and staff!

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