Top 30 Tips to Get Your Members to Download and Stay Engaged with Your App.


Posted by Megan Boone - 24 November, 2020



Top 30 Tips to Get Your Members to Download and Stay Engaged with Your App

Are you like most organizations, trying to find new and innovate ways to get your users to not only download your mobile App, but to get them to USE your mobile app? If the answer is yes, here are some great tips to start expanding the visibility of your app:

  • Be creative and make your app easy to navigate

  • Create a video to show off your app

  • Offer directions and guides to use your app

  • Provide ‘App Only’ content

  • Use Social Media

  • Run an ad campaign on Facebook, send Twitter reminders, have staff share on LinkedIn/Facebook

  • Become engaged in LinkedIn groups and share your app when appropriate Use teasers – get them interested by providing a small teaser that pulls them into downloading and accessing the app

  • Start a blog 

  • Ask for feedback of your app 

  • Provide information on what your app offers

  • Start a community/forum

  • Offer podcasts

  • Incentivize portions of your app with actions such as updating a profile, reading alerts or posting pictures in a forum

  • Host a contest (games)

  • Post news

  • Brand your app so it becomes recognizable

  • Include the link to easily download your app in all communication to members and potential members (signature blocks, email campaigns, newsletters, renewal reminders, event announcements, etc.)

  • Send routinely scheduled and/or spontaneous alerts

  • Post jobs

  • Offer discounts exclusively through your app such as event registration or membership renewals. Provide promo codes or partner discounts primarily through the app

  • Advertise - through a PR firm, your website, your speakers and/or your newsletters

  • Send a welcome card or letter electronically and in print

  • Find an app sponsor to help promote

  • Promote at your live meetings

  • Provide resources withing your app highlighting that you are “going green”

  • Include access to exclusive continuing education credits only available through your app

  • Re-engage your users who have already downloaded your app to bring them back

  • Post upcoming/past event information

  • Post on-demand education

  • Give your users easy access to share the app with friends.  Provide a fun way to launch your app such as a launch party at a live annual conference or as a stand-alone event with live streaming/press in attendance. Let people all over the world be a part of the launch

Topics: Mobile Engagement, Member Communications & Outreach, Mobile Strategy, Virtual Events

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