Top 8 Ways to Improve In-Person Events During COVID-19.


Posted by Bethany Mills - 14 October, 2021

If your organization is looking to get back into live events, check out the top advice from our clients that have begun hosting in-person events in 2021.
  1. Offer Hybrid Event Options
    If possible, give your attendees the option to attend in-person or virtually even if they are onsite. The virtual option allows anyone not feeling well the opportunity to quarantine and still "attend" the event.

  2. Provide Ribbons for Attendees Indicating Comfort Level
    Allow your attendees to wear ribbons (or wristbands) to indicate if they are comfortable with being close to others. Everyone has their own level of comfortability right now. Provide your attendees with a physical way to identify what level of physical contact they are ok with.

  3. Spread Out Eating Spaces
    Spreading out eating areas can allow attendees to be comfortable having their masks off for short periods of time. Again, the name of the game with COVID is making everyone feel comfortable. Spreading out eating spaces means everyone will be able to eat food without their masks on at a safe distance.

  4. Clearly Display Health and Safety Protocols
    The fact of the matter is that safety protocols related to COVID have become extremely political. Many organizations are hesitant to take a hardline stance on their pandemic-related rules for this reason. If your association falls into this group, consider focusing your messaging on the requirements coming from your venue instead.

  5. Provide Socially Distanced Seating Options
    Work with your venue to make sure they've adjusted any lounge areas to be socially distanced. For those attendees who wear masks all day, these areas might be the only places they feel comfortable taking breaks from wearing their masks. This is obviously much better than the alternative of them leaving the event to take a break in their room.

  6. Set-up Touchless Self-Check-In and Badge Printing
    This can be done either by scanning a QR code that is sent to attendees prior to the event or handing out pens with a stylus so no one has to touch any screen.

  7. Physically Mark Safe Distancing
    Consider physically marking out socially distanced spaces wherever interaction is required. The most popular options are stickers on the floor for standing spots and/or stanchions for separating lines.

  8. Clearly Outline Mask and Vaccine Requirements
    Work with your vendor location to clearly outline any mask/vaccination requirements at the venue along with the sanitizing schedule. This item goes in line with #4. The key here is making sure this information is clearly posted both prior to and during the event.

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