We Created An App – Now What?.


Posted by Bethany Mills - 05 September, 2018


The #1 question that comes from new clients is we created an app – now what? But often organizations have to balance being eager to make their new app as successful as possible with an ever-shrinking pool of resources. We completely understand. Creating an app takes time and effort but in order to get the best return from all your effort, you need your members to download and use it. That's why we've created 3 easy steps to making mobile app on-boarding a breeze. 

1. Get people excited about your app prior to launching it

Set a release date – sometime right after the app is live in the app stores – and start building up anticipation for the app before its launch. Take a look at your communication channels and find ways to insert a mention of the app and its features in every place possible. By including both the expected launch date and the features your users will be able to look forward to in the app, you will start to give people a reason to want to download your app.

Some examples of messages you can use:

By Email:

Subject: The [Your Organization Name] App is On Its Way!

Hi [Name],

[Your Organization Name] is launching an app for [#EventHashtag]! Some of the key features to look forward to are:

  • View and edit your profile
  • View a full session list including handouts and create a my schedule list of those you want to attend
  • Browse speaker information
  • Check out exhibitors and their location through our interactive floor plans
  • Receive up-to-date information on event-related changes through Push Notifications
  • Connect and message other attendees directly in the app

The app will be launching on [launch date]. Stay tuned for more information.

[Organization] Event Staff

On Social Media:

Are you ready for up-to-the-moment schedule changes at the touch of your fingers? The [#EventHashtag] app is coming soon!

 We’re going green this year at [#EventHashtag] with our new mobile app! Stay tuned for the details.

 You asked, we answered – the [#EventHashtag] mobile app is launching soon!

On Your Event Registration Page:

  • Create banners highlighting the soon-to-launch app
  • Display a countdown for when it will go live
  • Announce a new feature for the app each day leading up to the launch

In Your Email Signatures:

[Organization Name] is launching an app just in time for [#EventHashtag]! Stay tuned for the details.

In person:

Mention the app launch in every call, meeting and webinar with users leading up to your app going live.

Anticipation can do wonders to get people excited for any kind of launch but especially new technology that is going to offer them a ton of useful tools onsite at your event!


2. Promote the app everywhere you touch your users once it’s live

Create a landing page for the app and include an easy-to-use vanity URL (think: www.abc.org/app). Provide the link to download the mobile app directly in the app stores along with highlights of the features. Hint: make the download process as easy as possible by using one download link instead of two. If your app developer doesn’t provide this option, check out the MOSAIC™ 365 app.

Continue to use your communication channels but update the messages now that the app has launched:

By Email (include in event marketing emails already being sent out):

Don’t forget to download the [Organization] app to make sure you have the most up-to-date information for [#EventHashtag]. Download today at [download link].

On Social Media:

Introducing the new [Organization] app! Download today at [download link] to bring all [#EventHashtag] info right to your fingertips!

Wanna get your hands on the [#EventHashtag] session handouts? Download the all new [Organization] app at [download link]! 

Can’t keep track of all the contacts you’ve met at [#EventHashtag]? Download the all new [Organization] app at [download link] and message in real-time!

On your event registration page:

Create banners highlighting the app and use the download link.

In your email signatures:

Download the [Organization] app to make sure you have the most up-to-date information for [#EventHashtag]. Download today at [download link].

In person:

Mention the app launch in every call, meeting and webinar with users.


3. Continue to engage app users for a year-round experience

The main goal is to make sure users not only keep the app on their device but stay engaged. This will not only increase your marketing and sponsorship opportunities, but also help promote and manage your next event. Some easy ways to engage users year-round are:

  • Request users provide feedback in the app stores to bolster your app’s rating.
  • Use Push Notifications to continue providing relevant information through the app.
  • Introduce app-only member benefits regularly to give your users a reason to continue to log into the app.
  • Allow members to connect and message one-another.

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