Why You Should Use Gamification During Your Live/Virtual Events.


Posted by Megan Boone - 11 November, 2021


Even before pandemic times, companies have been looking for ways to increase participation at events. If your association is in the same boat, have you considered an event game? Gamification is an innovative tool proven to boost engagement in any live or virtual learning environment.

Gamification engagement allows you to get inside access to your attendees while providing a more relaxed atmosphere. Giving game points to action items and providing access to a leader board you are able to collect focused data while establishing a fun user experience. Adding gamification also shows your attendees they are valuable assets to the event itself and that their contributions make the event more robust.

Keep reading for the top five benefits our clients have experienced through their events’ gamification.

  1. Gamification adds a heightened level of engagement, interaction, and excitement.
    Any actions that can earn point value – especially those taken within a mobile app – feel more casual. Without the pressure of formality, your attendees will probably be more open to engage. In fact, providing a photo gallery or a forum for your attendees to upload photos and informally communicate within an event or session gives the attendee an experience that is more comfortable, relaxed, and friendly.
  2. Collect valuable data via polling and/or evaluations. Using polling and/or evaluations allows you to gather baseline knowledge data, continuing education requirement data, a better understanding of the attendees’ questions for speakers, and feedback about the overall event experience. Use this information to tweak your event, tweak your meeting agenda, and better customize your list of presenters.
  3. Ensure your exhibitors get traffic. Set up game rules assigning points to QR codes provided to each exhibitor. This will push attendees to interact with exhibitors and allow you to track which vendors are visited.
  4. Track attendance within sessions. Set up game rules assigning points to QR codes for each session or those sessions which you want to track or increase attendance. The attendance data will tell you which sessions are highly attended. Use this information to tweak your program and better customize your list of session topics.
  5. Push attendees to a highlighted or sponsored location at an event. Once again, QR codes can help you emphasize and increase participation in a particular session or location. Want to draw users to a new social session on your agenda? Assign the session a QR code attendees can scan and earn points for attending. Does your top sponsor want to increase attendance at their demonstration on the trade show floor? Use a QR code for that too. The options are endless.

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